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DIY Sewing Cutting Counter

Sunday, January 12, 2014

I am in the process of setting up a sewing/craft room in our basement. My daughter & I call it our craft cave, although there is very good light from 2 windows. This room is coming together from scratch. It started with the removal of the old drywall and carpeting after our sewage flood last April. After new drywall, paint, and tile the room was a blank slate. We were just going to have it be storage and a guest room, but we don't have many guests. My sewing and my daughter's crafts seemed to be strewn around our dining room, so it make sense for us to have a dedicated space. The room measures 11x11. The door & closet are along the west wall. Tables with machines on top line the south wall, which has a window. The north wall now hosts the cutting counter that we created.
craft table sewing cutting counter DIY
After some research I learned that the ideal height for a cutting counter is belly button height. For me that is 42". I looked around and found some bookshelves at Target that are nearly 41" tall. They were on sale last week for $17.50 and I bought 3. My hubby & daughter put them together and I put them out in an L shape.
craft table sewing cutting counter bookshelves
Then we got a hollow core 36"x80" closet door from our local ReStore (Habitat for Humanity thrift store) for $15.
craft table sewing cutting counter closet door
The door laid on top of the bookshelves and we had instant counter.
craft table sewing cutting counter DIY cheap
We had considered bracing it to the wall and putting a support along the far side, but it's solid. We have a ledge along the far side and we placed 2 plastic food containers there for support.
craft table sewing
I love how big it is. Plenty of area to cut and pile stuff.
DIY craft table sewing cutting counter frugal
More - Fun and Easy DIY Recycling Ideascraft table sewing cutting counter DIY big There is a little hide out underneath for my daughter.
craft table sewing cutting counter DIY hiding spot
Here is what her space looks like. taken with the table top off
I love, love, love this cutting counter/table! It is going to get a lot of use!! It's a great size and made it for under $73 (that includes tax)! My son is as excited as I am about the width!!
craft table sewing cutting
Stay tuned for my entire Sewing Room Series~
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