Sunday, September 1, 2013

S'more Banana Boat Waffle Bowls

campfire recipes dutch oven
The next camping recipe I want to share with you is done directly on the campfire in foil. No dutch oven needed! It's a mixture of s'mores and banana boats.

S'more Banana Boat Waffle Bowls

waffle cone bowls
peanut butter
chocolate chips
mini marshmallows
Cut off about a 10" piece of foil. Place a waffle bowl on top and put in sliced banana.
Smear on some peanut butter.
Sprinkle on chocolate chips & mini marshmallows.
Wrap it in foil and stick it on some coals. I shared coals with the marshmallow roasters!
The photo below isn't very pretty, but let me tell was FABULOUS! The only thing I would change is to cook it just a little longer because I love it crispy! I think I cooked it about 10 minutes. The cooking length will depend on how hot your fire is. It was really wet and rainy this day I made this, so it could have used a little longer. I recommend using your nose to determine when it's done!

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  1. This sounds amazing! I'm not a big S'mores fan but like something sweet from the campfire so am going to have to give this a try.

  2. Looks amazing, Diana! Definitely on my to try list {and soon!}

  3. Recipe? Or EPIC INVENTION?! Holy cow!

  4. I must say...this looks pretty awesome! If I told my husband about this he might try to convince me to make it. We are on a healthy kick so knowing me, I might try it and just leave out the marsh mellows and he would probably love it! :)

  5. Banana and peanut butter is my favourite combo... but adding chocolate AND marshmallows... genius :D

  6. I'm going to have to pin this because we love to camp, and this just looks too delicious for words! Thanks for sharing it at the Pinworthy Project Party at Planned in Pencil.

  7. whoa, this looks amazingly delicious, and super messy, lol.

  8. Oh my gosh, that looks sickly sweet, but heavenly ;)
    Thanks for sharing on Tutorial Thursdays you link will be featured tomorrow!
    Pinned and FB
    Marigolds' Loft


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