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Sunday, August 25, 2013

S'more Pretzel Bark

smore pretzel bark recipe
I few weeks ago I made some S'more Popcorn for a get together we were having. It was OK, but not fantastic. We were brainstorming ideas on how to make it better (more salt) and came up with pretzels. I made it into some bark. It's super yummy & super easy to make!
smore pretzel bark ingredients

S'more Pretzel Bark

pretzels (we used twist)
chocolate almond bark
Golden Grahams
milk chocolate chips
mini marshmallows

Line a cookie sheet with wax paper or baking liner. Arrange the pretzels.
smore pretzels bark chocolate
Melt the chocolate almond bark and pour it over the pretzels. I microwaved it in a glass bowl for 90 seconds to melt it.
smore bark chocolate  pretzels
Sprinkle with Golden Grahams, mini marshmallows, and chocolate chips. Press in place and refrigerate until hardened.
smores pretzel bark recipe
Break apart and enjoy!
smore bark pretzels

smore golden grahams recipe
It's the perfect combination of sweet & salty!
smores golden grahams bark

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