Thursday, March 21, 2013

Vegan Hot Crossed Buns (Guest Jenny)

Today's guest blogger is Jenny of Learning and Growing the Piwi way.  A Piwi is a kid that is proud to have both Kiwi (New Zealand) and Pinoy (Filipino) Heritage.
Jenny is sharing a recipe for Breadmaker Vegan Hot Crossed Buns. They look so yummy!
There are some things I have learned to do without while following a plant based diet. Hot cross buns are not one of them! Growing up in New Zealand you could buy them at the store or your Grandma made them. Most people ate them on Good Friday, I ate them all through Easter!

I had been using a bread maker to make them them since we got to the US but the usual recipe uses eggs, butter and milk. A search of Internet, found several vegan versions that didn't seem to fit with any thing I had learned (the hard way) about 'bread science'. After some experimenting this is the recipe that worked for me...everyone loves them and they are no different to the regular recipe

4 c bread flour (I used King Arthur Unbleached white bread flour)
1 Tbs flax seeds
1 tsp mixed spice
1 tsp cinnamon
2-4 Tbs Sugar (depending on the sweetness preferred)
2 Tbs Vegan Margarine (I used smart balance light)
1/2 c raisins
7g packet active yeast (I used Hogson mills)
1/2 c Almond milk, warm
1/2 c water, warm
1/4 c warm water and 1/4tsp of sugar for proofing yeast

Read the rest of the recipe here! Check our her portable learning. Great activities even if you are not on the go!
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  1. I love working with yeast and these are great looking buns!!


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