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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

It's been a while since I've had a ramble, so I decided to talk about the TV Shows I watch. Last night was the season finale of Parenthood. I just love that show!!! They wrapped up all lose ends with Drew getting into Berkley and (his ex) Amy getting into Tufts across the county. I was worried that they were just going to gloss over that storyline last week. Amber & Ryan are back together and he's getting help. Crosby & Jasmine are having a baby. Sarah picked Hank, although he moved to Minnesota. Kristina is cancer free and she & Adam enjoyed their trip to Hawaii. They were just so adorable on the beach! And the most tearful part of the show was Victor's adoption being finalized. It was a beautiful ceremony and it reminded me of my daughter's adoption.
image courtesy of NBC
Now here's the problem. The season ended with no questions asked (other than what will happen with Sarah). Sure seemed more like a SERIES finale than a season finale. There are lots of rumors out there that the show is going to get cancelled. I just *LOVE* the Bravermans and sure hope that it's brought back for another season!!

A guilty pleasure of mine is The Bachelor. Not because I think that forced relationships on TV are going to produce a beautiful marriage, but rather because I love to make fun of all the dumb contestants. In fact, I get together with a group of friends for a viewing party each week. I've created a game called Bachelor Bash, where I create questions before each episode that everyone answers. It's certainly enhanced the viewing experience. I award a (virtual) prize for the person who scores the highest each week. They are silly prizes that relate to the episode. I will be creating a real trophy/award for the overall winner to be given out after the finale.
image courtesy of ABC
That 50 Shades of Grey chick was CRAZY! I call her 50 Shade of disGREYce! We always vote on the ugliest outfit and count how many different plaids we see. It's a bunch of fun, albeit totally inappropriate!

New shows I am liking this season include The New Normal and Go On. I was recently watching a Go On episode on my computer (I usually catch shows on Hulu after they've aired) and my husband found it entertaining. I've never particularly been a fan of Matthew Perry, but he's perfectly cast in this show!

We are just a few weeks away from Survivor & Amazing Race. Survivor is returning with Fans vs. Favorites on Feb 13th. Favorites? Some of them I don't remember at all...and others like Brandon Hanz is just there to stir $&!+ up. Phillip looks to be crazy as ever. Malcolm is a true fav! This was filmed while last season aired, which could provide a big advantage to Malcolm.
image courtesy of CBS
This is my first look at the Amazing Race cast. I just *LOVE* this show. My hubby and I live vicariously through the show and will talk about which task we would perform or how we would react. We both participate in an online game like my Bachelor Bash above where were guess what will happen each episode. I stay away from spoilers with Amazing Race. Looks like it's going to be an interesting season! This next round starts Feb 17th.
image courtesy of CBS
I have a few other shows I like, but wouldn't miss if they went away. I do enjoy catching episodes of House Hunters online. I particularly like the International version, and imagine myself living in these other countries they visit. What about you? What are your favorite shows?


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