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Linky Party Etiquette

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Since I have hosted around 100 linky parties in the past 2 years, I decided to put together a list of linky party etiquette.
  • Follow the rules! This is most important! If the host limits the amount or type of links, follow along. If they require something you don't agree with or don't want to do, then don't participate! If you are unsure of a rule, leave a comment asking for clarification or email them.
  • Link to host Some hosts ask/require that you link back. This may either be a URL or button link within your post, on your sidebar, or on a linky party page. Even if they don't, it's polite to do. I use a link party page that is easy to edit and it helps me keep track off all parties I participate in.
  • Follow host(s) It's a courtesy and often a requirement to follow the host(s). GFC, G+, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, etc.
  • Don't relink a post! This is a pet-peeve of mine. I probably made this mistake when I first started linking, so now I keep a note card by my computer keeping track of my posts. If I post something on a Wednesday, then I don't start linking until Thursday and I just link through the following Wednesday.
  • Don't link & run! I know people do this. I can tell by my blog stats/links/clicks. You link up for exposure to your blog. Play nice and stick around and party!
  • Visit other links & comment Many hosts will give specifics on this, such as visit the 2 links head of you. My own rule of thumb is visit (at least) 3 others. It's hard to tell what you will find/learn from a small thumbnail, so click & read. Pin stuff you like and let them know in your comment.
  • Thank host(s) Leave a (quick) comment thanking the host.
Next week I will be posting tips about participating in parties. Check out these other posts~
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My weekly party starts at Fridays at 8am CST

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