Diana Rambles: Girl Scout Cookie Time Game 2013

Girl Scout Cookie Time Game 2013

Sunday, January 27, 2013

It's that time of the year again~ Girl Scout Cookie Time. We begin sales this week. Our council is doing direct sales now. That means we placed a huge order and then will have them in hand when we ask people if they want to buy. I've been very busy the last few days with helping sort & load cases of cookies (at the district level) and then counting & sorting for my troop. I am so happy to have a small troop. They say that we should sell more cookies this way, but I am not really sure how it's going to work out. We do have 2 cookie booth dates set up...one at the mall and one at a grocery store, so that should help with sales.

Since half our girls are new and we have a new cookie (Mango Creme) this year, I decided to create a board game for the girls to learn all the varieties. Our council also offers people a chance to purchase cookies for the troops, so I created a game with 9 colors. I printed out the game board on regular paper and the game cards on card stock. I also got glass gems & dice from Dollar Tree.
girl scout cookies board game pieces
I laminated the game board and cut up the game cards. Each girl got a baggie with the game cards, 4 gem game pieces, and a die.
girl scout cookies game board
I wanted this to be a thinking activity, so I split the girls up in groups of two and had them create the rules to the game. Most decided to turn the game cards over and try to make matches. Then when they got a match they would move forward to that next color or roll the die to see how many spaces they moved. One group decided that landing on the blue star (Cookies for the Troops) allowed you to move double spaces. Some girls removed the solid color card and just used the other 2 of each color for matching. You can swap those out for the named cards later as they learn the cookies better. My version has the girls start by rolling the die. The number they get represents the # of boxes a customer wants. When they give the correct cost for the customer then they get to pick a game card and if they can name that variety, then move forward to that color. Game directions are included in the download.
Girl Scout Cookie Learning Game
My parents report that their girls have been playing the game all weekend are are learning all the cookie varieties.

I'd like to offer this game to all scouts. There are 2 companies that make Girl Scout Cookies and I have created the game for both. Click on the images of the cookies you have to download that bakery's version.
Girl Scout Cookies Little Brownie Bakers
People have asked if I ship cookies. I do not. I encourage you to find local scouts to buy from. Go here and enter your zip code to find our locations & times of sales in your area.
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