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Bloggers Against Captcha

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I am on a mission to get Blogger bloggers to turn off their word verification aka Captcha. It drives me and many others CRAZY! I get that people don't want spam, but why do others have to jump through hoops for the person who runs the blog? I am getting to the point where I am NOT leaving comments for people with it on. Some people don't realize they have it on. It is on by default when you start a blog, so please check!! Here's how!
This one doesn't seem so bad, but I got it wrong!
Who can even read the numbers on this one?
This Sweet Captcha is kind of fun and I don't mind checking a box to confirm I am not a spammer, but these are on other blog platforms.
Seriously people. If you blog with Blogger (blogspot) and you like getting comments TURN OFF word verification! If you are concerned about spam then don't allow anonymous comments (allow only registered users) AND turn on comment moderation. You can learn how to turn verification off and customize your comment settings here. With comment moderation it's just a check & click for you to mark a comment spam. A lot easier than asking others to enter some crazy blurry characters over and over! Plus Bloggers spam detection improves when you moderate and mark those few spam that are awaiting moderation. On behalf of bloggers everywhere, I beg you to turn off word verification. Thanks!! You can find more comment tips here. Update: A lot of people are commenting on the amount of spam they get. 1. Don't allow anonymous comments! 2. If your spam filter catches it...just ignore it. I do not pay attention to my spam filter at all. I just go empty it every so often!
Feel free to grab this button!!
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