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A Little About Diana

Thursday, January 31, 2013

I've decided to start a monthly feature called A Little About Diana where I share a little about my daily & personal life on my blog. I'll posting this near the end of each month and by the time 2014 starts, you should know me a lot better!! Feel free to leave comments on what you'd like me to tell you next month.
I picked the the silly picture above for this series because I am a light-hearted funny person. Or at least I think I am! I like to make others laugh and can laugh at myself.

Where have I lived? I grew up in Arizona and went to college in California. I met & married my husband in San Diego. We moved to Hawaii not long after that because my husband was in the Navy. Our first child was born there. When he got out of the Navy we moved to his home state of Illinois. Being that I lived in warm weather my whole life, I was skeptical to live where it gets cold. I ended up falling in love with this area, and was very sad when we moved to Houston for a job opportunity. By then we had 2 children and I transitioned from teaching to being an at home mom. We really missed Illinois and returned after 2 years. We did get a great opportunity to live for 4 months in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia while we were in Texas which was really cool.

How did I get into blogging? 8 years ago we decided to adopt from China, so I started reading adoption blogs. I decided to start my own blog while we waited. That blog is sorely neglected these days. 5 years ago a friend from my online adoption group asked me if I could design her blog since I was into digital scrapbooking and had been the webmaster of our adoption group. That worked out well and I started my own custom blog design business. It wasn't until 6 months later that I decided I needed my very own blog to ramble about whatever I wanted, hence Diana Rambles. People that know me well say it's a VERY appropriate name for me! I've run many blogs over the years, but my current main ones are this one, my blog design business, and Bento Blog Network.

What does a typical day look like? I get up between 7 & 8 and get my kids off to school. I used to make cute bentos for my daughter everyday, but now I just make a quick basic lunch for her. After I drop her at school, I might go shopping for the household (Sams, Walmart, or Aldi) or volunteer in the schools. When I am home I am often on my computer, which is a desktop set up in the corner of our bedroom. I used to have a laptop so that I could blog/work on the go but it wasn't necessary once my daughter started elementary school. I am set up in our bedroom because it's out of the way of the main living area and it gets good wireless reception. Afternoon pick-ups begin around 3pm, followed by dinner prep around 4:30 or so, and then any evening activities. I often stay up later than my kiddos (2 younger kids) and my hubby. Luckily, the light from my monitor doesn't bug my hubby. I usually go to bed around 11 or 11:30 after catching up online and with my phone ap games. Exciting, eh?

Kudos to you who have read this far! My life isn't very exciting! What should I tell you about me next month?


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