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Halloween Recap

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween was fun for our kids. My 14 year old son hung out with friends in the neighborhood. My hubby & I took our daughter around the street, but after 4 house she was too cold and we came home. She said she had enough candy. We were fine with it because we got to watch Survivor.

Earlier today I helped out with my daughter's class party. I was in charge of the snack table and I had the kids create Oreo Spiders & Caramel Apple Mouths.

The teacher was in charge of the Spider Ring Art table. This is such a cute idea. She put paint in old single-serving apple sauce containers and the kids made art by dipping spider rings in the paint and then on the paper. Fun & colorful!

We've been working for days on my son's costume which is a Ghillie Suit. I'll be putting up a tutorial on how we made this soon.
I was a Binder of Women.
My daughter was a soccer player but she didn't want her photo taken. All and all it was a good day!

Happy Family Day!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

This picture was taken 6 years ago today. It's one of my favorites from the day our daughter was adopted and joined our family. It's a special day! My daughter was SUPER excited when she woke up this morning. Our traditions include a special cinnamon bread for breakfast, portraits, a gift, a charm for her future charm bracelet, and family dinner together. I love this girl and am so proud & happy that she's my daughter! HAPPY DORI DAY!!

Nightstand Turned 18" Doll Closet Tutorial

Monday, October 29, 2012

nightstand turned American Girl 18" doll closet
This is my second in a series post about recycling/repurposing clothing and other items for use with an American Girl or 18" Doll.
I was at a garage sale several months ago and I saw 2 wooden nightsstands for $5 each. I snatched them up because the were very sturdy and had lots of life left in them. My daughter's room is not very big so I was not sure what I would do with them at first. After some thought I decided to turn them into a closet for doll clothes. Here are the instructions for making an inexpensive doll closet.

Step 1- Get an old nightstand with sides and drill a hole in each side for a dowel rod.
Nightstand into Doll Closet drill hole
Glue the dowel rod in place.
Nightstand into Doll Closet put in dowel
Step 2- Prime & paint the closet.
Nightstand into Doll Closet paint 
Step 3- Decorate the knobs. We went through my old earrings and my daughter picked out this pair. I removed the wire and glued them onto the existing knob.
Nightstand into Doll Closet apply fancy knob
Step 4- Hang clothes & fill the drawers!
Nightstand 18" American Girl Doll Closet
I gave the 2nd nightstand (with the dowel already in place) to a friend and she painted it pink to match her daughter's room and added some wooden knobs (painted white) that she picked up cheap at the store. We both used leftover wall paint for our respective closets.
Nightstand American Girl Doll Closet

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Pin Me Linky Party #4

Friday, October 26, 2012

Thank you to all participants & readers of PIN MEme. The item with the most clicks was How I Pay for Christmas from We Like to Learn as We Go! There are some great ideas there!

Always Wear a Helmet!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

My husband is a bike rider. He is a safe rider who wears a helmet & a reflector vest (even in daytime). My teen boys on the other hand don't think it's cool to wear a helmet. A recent accident will hopefully change their minds.

My hubby and some co-workers were riding from work to a nearby restaurant the other day when my hubby's bike chain came off and his back wheel locked up. He crashed with his head hitting the concrete. His glasses made a big gash near his eye and he had a lot of road rash on his arm. There was a lot of blood, he was very disoriented, and his vision was messed up. His co-workers called another co-worker to come pick him up and take him to the ER. He called me from the ER and sounded out of it. When we got to the ER he had already been accessed that nothing was broken and was on his way to get a CT of his brain. Results were back fairly quickly that there was no brain damage. The helmet had done it's job!! YEA!! I just got him that new helmet a few months go cause the strap on his old one broke. I am so thankful that the helmet did it's job!! He did get 12 stitches near his eye. He walked out of the ER within 2 hours of getting there. WOW! I expected to be there for hours!!

Do you or your kids bike without a helmet? It may not look cool, but it's certainly cooler than brain damage! I know my 14 year old is freaked out by it and will now wear a helmet. In fact, I am going to buy him a new one when I go to get my hubby his new one. I'll pick one up for my oldest too. He hasn't been riding his bike much lately, but we will have a good helmet on hand just in case. I've bugged him enough to where he will turn on his bike light at night (and I covertly covered the bike with reflective tape! LOL!) but won't heed the helmet advice. Hopefully he will now!

Welcome Baby Giraffe Bento

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Have you been following the baby giraffe craze? The Greenville Zoo in South Carolina put an earthcam in the giraffe enclosure because one of it's giraffes was about to give birth. I watched on and off for almost a week and heard that it could still be a few weeks away. Last night as I headed to bed I checked Facebook one last time and my friend said the baby was about to be born. I got so excited and forgot how tired I had been. I headed over to the earthcam and got to see the final stages of labor and birth of the little giraffe. It was amazing!

The new 6' bundle of joy inspired today's bento.
10/23: Welcome Baby Giraffe- cheese, turkey open-face giraffe sandwiches, rice, peas, tortilla hearts, apple & pineapple slices
Awesome photos of the mama & baby can be seen here.
Update: It's a BOY! Thank you for LJ's Photography for use of this photo!

Mustache Monday

Monday, October 22, 2012

mustache monday
My buddy Lin, over at Duck & Wheel with String, declared today Mustache Monday. 
Appropriately, I am participating by posting a pic of Lin & I sporting fancy 'staches!
Poor Lin needs a new hobby now that her life as a marching band mom is over!

Make a Simple Dog Pull Toy

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Here is a quick & simple project that your kids might enjoy making. It's a Dog Pull Toy made out of fleece fabric. I grabbed a remnant of fleece I had on hand. You could also use an old fleece blanket.
Then I cut it into 3 equal strips using my rotary cutter & mat. Then you tie a knot on one end.
I held the end while my daughter braided. She's really good at braiding, so it took less than 5 minutes to make. Finish off by tying a knot in the other end.
Our dog loved it, although I had a hard time getting a decent picture because he was moving around so much. Cracks me up to see how he's the same color as our flooring!
You could adjust the width & length depending on the size of your dog. You could make several to donate to a local dog shelter.

Pin Me Linky Party #3

Friday, October 19, 2012

We had a great variety of things linked up last week. My favorite one of all was R2D2 {Tutu} Costume from Running Away? I'll help you pack. This costume is soo cute and it totally cracks me up. Click over and leave some love for Alexis!

Recycle Skorts into 18" Doll Dress Tutorial

Thursday, October 18, 2012

This is my first in a series post about recycling/repurposing clothing and other items for use with an American Girl or 18" Doll.
My daughter has been showing more interest in her American Girl doll lately so I've decided to get her another 18" doll for her birthday. With 2 dolls she's going to want more doll stuff. I enjoy sewing & craft projects so I've decided to make stuff for the dolls myself. I came up with this idea of recycling clothing items into doll clothes when we were assessing my daughter's clothes the other day. My first project was taking 3 tier knit skorts and turning them into a dress or skirt. No gathering, no pulling through elastic, just a few easy steps!

Step 1- Cut the shorts out of the skorts and then cut up the seam. I was able to get 2 out of these 4T skorts.
Step 2- Sew the edges together. I serged mine and discovered that it's better to start with the elastic end.
Step 3- Turn inside out and add ribbon for dress ties or just leave it as a skirt for the doll.

This halter style ribbon was stitched on the inside of the elastic so it would be easy to tuck it in and use a as a skirt. Now I need to give a friend of mine an apology as we usually give her my daughter's hand-me-downs, but now they are all a basket of upcycle ideas!



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