Diana Rambles: August 2012

First Tooth

Thursday, August 30, 2012

My daughter just lost her first tooth! She is SUPER excited and doesn't want to go to bed. She is suspicious of this whole tooth fairy stuff, so she is not putting her tooth under her pillow.


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I've been glued to my computer today, watching various video feeds of Isaac coverage. Social media has sure made coverage different than Katrina. I went down to Bixoli & area to help with the clean up in Dec 05 & Mar 06 and I saw first hand the impact that Katrina had. Looks like some people under estimated Isaac's wrath.
We are supposed to get the remnants of Isaac this weekend. Predictions are saying anywhere from 2 to 7 inches. I'm bugging DH to get up on the roof and clean out the gutters before then. We got about 2 inches last Sunday and we had some pooling around the house. We stayed dry inside the house, but I'd still like to be prepared.

6 Years Ago

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

6 years ago today we got the most amazing call. Our adoption agency called to tell us about the child that had been assigned to us. It was a wonderfully emotional day. Unfortunately the agency was having issues with email and we had to wait nearly an hour for the photo to come through. Here is a photo comparison of now vs. then. Do you see the resemblances?

When it rains...it pours!!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

My garden is drowning!! (not complaining!)

Cross Country

Saturday, August 25, 2012

We just got home from my son's cross country meet. This is his first year running. He ran 7:45 (1 mile) today, which is about 18 seconds faster than his Thursday time. Great job!
He's in yellow!


Friday, August 24, 2012

I am not much of an adventure junkie, but I've always been interested in ziplining. After we booked our trip to the Smoky Mountains, I discovered that there were many companies that offered ziplining in the Gatlinburg area. I did a little research and we settled on Smoky Mountain Ziplines. They were very professional with a focus on safety. I was not nervous at all! We had a great time!!!
Here is a video of me coming in. On the first run I put on too much brake (I squeezed the line instead of just applying slight pressure) and I felt like my arm was going to rip off. That had me cautious with braking the rest of the day. You can see that I come in a little fast here, although I can hear the braking!

School Lunches

Thursday, August 23, 2012

A few people have asked if I am going to be making cute Bento lunches for my daughter this year. I didn't know the answer to that until yesterday. My daughter doesn't want me to make them. She said that she doesn't like it when parts of the meal gets soggy from the decoration and she's tired of other kids asking her what her lunch is each day. She has asked if she can take her lunch in baggies or regular containers. I told her that we will be using reusable containers and that we'd make bentos for special days. She said it's OK to put food picks in her food or other simple decorations. She also wants to eat school lunch from time to time. I usually let her pick one day a month for school lunch.

My son is going to start taking his lunch this year because school lunch just isn't enough for him. He thinks the school food is OK, but it leaves him hungry. They allow 2nds on certain things, but of course there is a charge for that. Last year on pizza day he'd go back for 2 extra pieces. At $1/slice, that made his lunch $4.25. That is way too much. I can do better than the regular $2.25 and he will be filled! Yesterday, for the first day of school I let them pick out big Lunchables, but his was $3.48...which I won't do everyday. He said it did fill him up. Today he took leftovers. I let my kids pick a special back to school dinner each year and last night was his pick~ Corned Beef & Cabbage + Carrots and Corn Casserole. It was delish!! I just enjoyed my leftovers lunch too! I don't think too many kids would want leftovers for lunch. He was glad to have a HUGE serving!
So with the occasional bento, I need to adjust what I am blogging about. I guess Diana will just Ramble about WHATEVER!

First Day of School

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

8th Grade & 1st Grade

Back to Blogging?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

It happens each summer. I barely blog! While we might be busy at times, we are pretty laid back and without much of a schedule. For whatever reason, blogging takes a backseat. I've got plenty to blog about, just not the motivation. It's fine because this is MY BLOG and I do what I want.

I have a list of things I could blog about (our vacation, my daughter's milestones, crafts), I am going to start out with an update of my garden. I just took this picture.
I had 4 squash plants going, but only one ever produced and the others dried up. My (oldest) son was responsible for watering when we were on vacation and he didn't keep up. My neighbor turned on the soaker hose that I had set up a few times. We got 3 summer squash throughout the summer and there are a few more on there now, but I am not sure they will get back since I haven't seen any male flowers recently. My gherkin cucumbers are to the left and are spreading all over, but not producing. My friend who shared the seeds is having the same issue. I think it might be the heat. My 4 tomato plants have done well and produced quite a bit, although they are small and just good on salads. The green beans have taken over the wall in the rear of this picture. We did start to see a few blossoms right before we left on vacation (a month ago) but nothing when we got back. We are now seeing lots of blossoms and some baby pods. I think they were delayed in producing because of the heat. We are in a nice weather pattern right now (and we got a few inches of rain last week!) that we turned off the A/C in the house. On the right side of the picture is the snap peas I just planted today. My friend (who has been my gardening mentor) shared the seeds with me. She said it might not be too late to plant them now. Free seeds, so why not? I can always cover them when frost threatens in October.

I am pleased with my first year of gardening and I think the failures really have to do with the heat. I am going to start earlier next year, hope that it's not as hot, and plant different seeds/plants. I also hope to grow butternut squash in the backyard.

Vacation TN & KY

Monday, August 13, 2012

Here are a few photos from our recent vacation.


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Just got home from a 2 week vacation to Tennessee & Kentucky. We visited Great Smoky Mountain National Park, Mammoth Cave National Park, and some state parks. It was warm and super HUMID, but we had a good time. One of the highlights was zip-lining. Another highlight was meeting up with friends: an online friend (who I met before), a online friend from an adoption group (first meeting), and a family (from KY) we met up in Alaska 2 years ago.



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