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A Look Back

Saturday, June 30, 2012

I have been seriously busy with my blog design business the past few weeks. I had totally intended on getting back into regularly posting here, but it just isn't happening! Over the next few weeks I will be juggling my work load with prepping for our family vacation, so there probably won't be much posting. We are going to the Smokey Mountains and I've heard there isn't much in the way of phone reception, so I will have to catch up on my trip postings after I get back.

But how about a look back to 2 years ago? On June 28 we went into the Arctic Circle and on June 29 we arrived in Alaska! You can revisit the whole trip on our Alaska blog.

Miracle Grow Wednesday

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I've been going a poor job of blogging this summer, so I don't think I should make Miracle Grow Wednesday a regular feature, but I will give you an update from time to time.

If you remember me saying, this is first year doing a vegetable garden. I've always thought of myself having a brown thumb, but that is changing. I've been very faithful with watering every day if it didn't rain. I have been collecting some rain water to use. I mix up some Miracle Gro each Wednesday. I am amazed by the growth each week. Here is an overall view of the garden.
I have 4 tomato plans. 2 regular size and 2 cherry size. Today I saw the first baby tomatoes which has me very excited!
The Gherkin cucumbers were very slow to come up, but they are finally taking off. I saw online where someone used a tomato cage for theirs and it seems to be working well!
I have Detroit Red & Chioggia Beets. I love beets and can't wait to try these. Not sure if I've ever had fresh beets!
The pole beans are getting very tall and have outgrown the poles/wall.
The 2 different types of squash are really taking off, especially the ones in back.
The lettuce palette in the backyard isn't fairing as well. I am thinking there is just too much heat/sun. The spinach on the top seems to be bust, but I think I'll be able to eat some baby salad mix!
I'm happy that it's going well. Although I am concerned that a lot of it will be ready to pick when we are on vacation. If things grow successfully then I will be pleased, even if it means the neighbors reap what I sow!

My Fav App: Song Pop

Monday, June 18, 2012

Do you like Name That Tune? Then you will *LOVE* Song Pop!
I don't know why this app isn't more popular. I just can't get enough of it. You can play it on your smart phone OR via Facebook. In this game you go head to head against another player on a certain genre (playlist) of music. You take turns identifying the 5 songs or artists as fast as you can, and then the winner gets 3 coins. The coins can be turned in for more playlists. I could play it ALL the time, but I do NOT have enough time.
Here are some images I captured from a recent match!

Happy Father's Day!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

I don't think many dads read my blog, but here is a greeting to all the dads out there!

Father’s day cards at Zazzle
Thank you to my hubby, who is a WONDERFUL dad to my kids.

A MUST READ for everyone!!

Friday, June 15, 2012

A friend posted a link on FB that I followed and it really got my attention. The article is called Drowning Doesn't Look Like Drowning. Back when I was in college I worked as a lifeguard. I was filling in at a private pool once and noticed 2 small kids bobbing in the little spa pool (there were no bubbles going at the time). They had slipped out of reach of the stairs and were grabbing onto each other trying to pull them self up, while holding the other one down. I slipped in behind them and was able to pull each up on my knee and sit on the step. At the time I don't think I thought that big deal of it. I mean they were close to the step, right? I probably didn't even think I saved them at the time. Drowning is serious business and it can happen quickly. 8 years ago, we were at my sister's house playing in her backyard pool when my son (5 at the time) was starting to bob in water that was getting a little too deep for his tiptoes. I remember the look in his eyes, much like the look of fear those 2 toddlers had all those years ago. I just took a few steps into the pool and pulled my son up into my lap on the pool stairs. He told me that I was his super hero. I never felt like a super hero. Probably because we think we are keeping an eye on our kids and that because we are close that they won't be in danger. That we underestimate the dangers that lurk around water. We grew up with an in ground pool in our backyard. Most people in Arizona had one or access to one. There was no gate around it. We could just go use it whenever. Of course my parents said never swim alone, but we were kids and did stupid stuff. We are lucky no one got hurt. One of my sisters recently recounted 2 stories to me. One was of her around 2-3 years old and she slipped into a lagoon at a local park after dark. She was bobbing up and down and my uncle (who happened to be throwing the charcoal from the grill into the lagoon) happened to notice her and pulled her out. She still remembers that. She also told me that another sister was sick of always having to carry baby Diana with them to the pool and she tried to drown me once. Not sure if that is true or not, but I laugh. I remember always trying to dunk each other as kids. It's just what we did.

PLEASE PLEASE READ THIS ARTICLE!! There is a link to a video that someone got of someone drowning. It shows the Instinctive Drowning Response, which is the natural action a person who is drowning exhibits....not the flailing arms that is depicted in the media. Drowning can happen to people of any age. We think of children as they seem less able to help themselves. They will drown more quickly, but we are all around people and water at some time or another...so be informed. I know I am going to be paying more attention when we go to the pool I rely on all the lifeguards there, but I really need keep a close eye on my kids myself!

Still Ticking!

Friday, June 8, 2012

No, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. Just the face of the blog world!! I've got LOTS to post about and catch up on. Maybe next week. We are heading out camping again this weekend! Last week wasn't so much of a camping trip as a cheap place to sleep as we went to St. Louis and didn't want to pay for a hotel room. We were in an RV park in town and not at a campground. We are heading to a county park this weekend!



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