Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ultimate Elf on the Shelf Link Party

Welcome to the Ultimate Elf on the Shelf Link Party. This is THE place to find great Elf on the Shelf ideas.
The Party has moved HERE!
Please visit our Elf on the Shelf Board on Pinterest. 
Let me know if you'd like to be contributor on that board! 

Diana is a crafty creative Midwestern work from home mama of 3. She enjoys playing with PhotoShop Elements, sewing & crafting, creating fun for family & friends, camping, and reading. She is the owner & operator of Custom Blog Designs.

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  1. I am so excited about this party!!! So fun! Thanks for hosting. Visiting my other elf friends now!

  2. Thank you for hosting - so many great ideas!

  3. Go check out The Bloggess and what her elf is up to. It's not good.

    What's with this elf thing? And why is everyone on the bandwagon? We don't have no stinkin' elf at our house. And if we did, I'd make him do naughty stuff that you couldn't post here. *snicker*

    1. We didn't have one until last year, when my then six year old got an earful about them at school. I couldn't look her in the eye and tell her that I wouldn't allow an elf to come stay with us. But, I had been avoiding it like the plague. It's a lot of stress, LOL.

  4. Ha ha, I guess great minds do think alike!

  5. Thanks for inviting me over, I can't wait to see what everyone shares!

  6. Hi Diana,
    I didn't delete your link ; ) I understand why people don't want linky parties at their linky parties because it would just be linky parties of linky parties, say that three times fast! But, I think "specialty" parties are just fine, when they are not weekly it's hard to get the word out. Link up those naughty elfs! Thanks for sharing on Super Sweet Saturday!

  7. Thank you for hosting this! Can't wait to see what everyone's elf is up to. I get the feeling ours is starting to run out of ideas, ahem.

  8. How fun! Thanks so much for hosting this collection, I'm definitely going to be browsing through for some inspiration :) I've got your button posted on my blog!

  9. Thanks for this linky party! Our Elfie is having LOTS of fun around!

  10. I'd like to be a contributor for the 2013 elf event! Our elf made a special appearance this weekend when we learned that Santa was flying in for Christmas in July. I'm even thinking I might bring him around at the start of the school for an alphabet scavenger hunt to get to our son excited about reading.


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