Diana Rambles: Festive {Laundry} Baskets

Festive {Laundry} Baskets

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Today is the first of my Dollar Tree Craft Week posts. My first craft is a Festive Laundry Basket. I often pack in a laundry basket when we travel by car. I was having a discussion recently with someone about whether packing in a laundry basket is appropriate or not and I came up with the idea of stringing ribbon through the basket to make it pretty.

Festive Laundry Basket $3

Laundry Basket $1
Spool of Ribbon $1
Bows $1
Pick a starting point and weave the ribbon in and out of each opening. Alternate the pattern on each row. Use hot glue or similar to hold ribbon edges in place. Top off with a bow.
Here is another basket I got (white with a handle) that worked with narrower ribbon. This one came out very festive with the big red bow with hanging bell. I carried some stuff to church in this last week and I got compliments from many people. This can easily be turned into a gift basket by lining with fabric or tissue paper and then putting the fit within. Pick up different ribbons throughout the year for each holiday/season.
Come back tomorrow for craft #2!

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