Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Welcome Baby Giraffe Bento

Have you been following the baby giraffe craze? The Greenville Zoo in South Carolina put an earthcam in the giraffe enclosure because one of it's giraffes was about to give birth. I watched on and off for almost a week and heard that it could still be a few weeks away. Last night as I headed to bed I checked Facebook one last time and my friend said the baby was about to be born. I got so excited and forgot how tired I had been. I headed over to the earthcam and got to see the final stages of labor and birth of the little giraffe. It was amazing!

The new 6' bundle of joy inspired today's bento.
10/23: Welcome Baby Giraffe- cheese, turkey open-face giraffe sandwiches, rice, peas, tortilla hearts, apple & pineapple slices
Awesome photos of the mama & baby can be seen here.
Update: It's a BOY! Thank you for LJ's Photography for use of this photo!