Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Recap

Halloween was fun for our kids. My 14 year old son hung out with friends in the neighborhood. My hubby & I took our daughter around the street, but after 4 house she was too cold and we came home. She said she had enough candy. We were fine with it because we got to watch Survivor.

Earlier today I helped out with my daughter's class party. I was in charge of the snack table and I had the kids create Oreo Spiders & Caramel Apple Mouths.

The teacher was in charge of the Spider Ring Art table. This is such a cute idea. She put paint in old single-serving apple sauce containers and the kids made art by dipping spider rings in the paint and then on the paper. Fun & colorful!

We've been working for days on my son's costume which is a Ghillie Suit. I'll be putting up a tutorial on how we made this soon.
I was a Binder of Women.
My daughter was a soccer player but she didn't want her photo taken. All and all it was a good day!