Thursday, October 25, 2012

Always Wear a Helmet!!

My husband is a bike rider. He is a safe rider who wears a helmet & a reflector vest (even in daytime). My teen boys on the other hand don't think it's cool to wear a helmet. A recent accident will hopefully change their minds.

My hubby and some co-workers were riding from work to a nearby restaurant the other day when my hubby's bike chain came off and his back wheel locked up. He crashed with his head hitting the concrete. His glasses made a big gash near his eye and he had a lot of road rash on his arm. There was a lot of blood, he was very disoriented, and his vision was messed up. His co-workers called another co-worker to come pick him up and take him to the ER. He called me from the ER and sounded out of it. When we got to the ER he had already been accessed that nothing was broken and was on his way to get a CT of his brain. Results were back fairly quickly that there was no brain damage. The helmet had done it's job!! YEA!! I just got him that new helmet a few months go cause the strap on his old one broke. I am so thankful that the helmet did it's job!! He did get 12 stitches near his eye. He walked out of the ER within 2 hours of getting there. WOW! I expected to be there for hours!!

Do you or your kids bike without a helmet? It may not look cool, but it's certainly cooler than brain damage! I know my 14 year old is freaked out by it and will now wear a helmet. In fact, I am going to buy him a new one when I go to get my hubby his new one. I'll pick one up for my oldest too. He hasn't been riding his bike much lately, but we will have a good helmet on hand just in case. I've bugged him enough to where he will turn on his bike light at night (and I covertly covered the bike with reflective tape! LOL!) but won't heed the helmet advice. Hopefully he will now!

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