Thursday, September 20, 2012

I HATE the Blogger Updated Interface

I know it's been available for a while, but I've avoided upgrading to the new Blogger interface for as long as possible. They had posted warnings that the old interface would be removed soon...and it finally happened. UGH!!!!!!!!! I **HATE** the updated interface! I know they are trying to go more modern and user friendly, but it's NOT!!!!!!! Blogging requires more clicks now. You want to add a label? You used to be able to just type one in at the bottom of your post...but now you have to click over to the right for the labels and other post settings to open up.
And for a custom blogger designer like myself, the new interface is a PITA! It's making my job much harder! HATE-HATE-HATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I am not alone on this. The Blogger forums have exploded in the past 15 hours or so since the old editor was removed. People are NOT happy!!!