Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Back to Blogging?

It happens each summer. I barely blog! While we might be busy at times, we are pretty laid back and without much of a schedule. For whatever reason, blogging takes a backseat. I've got plenty to blog about, just not the motivation. It's fine because this is MY BLOG and I do what I want.

I have a list of things I could blog about (our vacation, my daughter's milestones, crafts), I am going to start out with an update of my garden. I just took this picture.
I had 4 squash plants going, but only one ever produced and the others dried up. My (oldest) son was responsible for watering when we were on vacation and he didn't keep up. My neighbor turned on the soaker hose that I had set up a few times. We got 3 summer squash throughout the summer and there are a few more on there now, but I am not sure they will get back since I haven't seen any male flowers recently. My gherkin cucumbers are to the left and are spreading all over, but not producing. My friend who shared the seeds is having the same issue. I think it might be the heat. My 4 tomato plants have done well and produced quite a bit, although they are small and just good on salads. The green beans have taken over the wall in the rear of this picture. We did start to see a few blossoms right before we left on vacation (a month ago) but nothing when we got back. We are now seeing lots of blossoms and some baby pods. I think they were delayed in producing because of the heat. We are in a nice weather pattern right now (and we got a few inches of rain last week!) that we turned off the A/C in the house. On the right side of the picture is the snap peas I just planted today. My friend (who has been my gardening mentor) shared the seeds with me. She said it might not be too late to plant them now. Free seeds, so why not? I can always cover them when frost threatens in October.

I am pleased with my first year of gardening and I think the failures really have to do with the heat. I am going to start earlier next year, hope that it's not as hot, and plant different seeds/plants. I also hope to grow butternut squash in the backyard.

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