Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Miracle Grow Wednesday

I've been going a poor job of blogging this summer, so I don't think I should make Miracle Grow Wednesday a regular feature, but I will give you an update from time to time.

If you remember me saying, this is first year doing a vegetable garden. I've always thought of myself having a brown thumb, but that is changing. I've been very faithful with watering every day if it didn't rain. I have been collecting some rain water to use. I mix up some Miracle Gro each Wednesday. I am amazed by the growth each week. Here is an overall view of the garden.
I have 4 tomato plans. 2 regular size and 2 cherry size. Today I saw the first baby tomatoes which has me very excited!
The Gherkin cucumbers were very slow to come up, but they are finally taking off. I saw online where someone used a tomato cage for theirs and it seems to be working well!
I have Detroit Red & Chioggia Beets. I love beets and can't wait to try these. Not sure if I've ever had fresh beets!
The pole beans are getting very tall and have outgrown the poles/wall.
The 2 different types of squash are really taking off, especially the ones in back.
The lettuce palette in the backyard isn't fairing as well. I am thinking there is just too much heat/sun. The spinach on the top seems to be bust, but I think I'll be able to eat some baby salad mix!
I'm happy that it's going well. Although I am concerned that a lot of it will be ready to pick when we are on vacation. If things grow successfully then I will be pleased, even if it means the neighbors reap what I sow!