Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My Summer Hobby

I've always wanted to grow a vegetable garden and I am FINALLY getting off my duff and doing it. I've turned to a few friends for advice and jumping in full force. I have a 9'x13' space that faces west right outside my front door. When we moved it it was filled with river rock. In fact, the whole house has a mote of river rock around it. Several years ago I dug out all that rock by hand and filled it in with dirt. I got lots of perennials from a friend of mine and filled it up. Those have become very overgrown over the past few summers and just didn't look so pretty. I think I really lost interest in that space when we returned from Alaska in July 2010 and stuff was about 8 feet high.

To prepare my garden this year, I began removing the perennials as they came up. I hand-tilled and removed the rest. Well, at least I hope I did. I worked the dirt and added some compost. Nothing new has sprouted in about a week, so I think I got most of the perennials out. Today I planted some beet (Red Detroit & Chioggia) seeds and peppers. A friend gave me some tomato plants and those are in place with tomato cages around them. I am trying to keep the cost of my garden down, so I am trying to come up with some creative ways to garden. I plan on making a trellis or getting some kind of stakes tomorrow and then planting some green beans. I will also be adding in Gherkin Cucumbers and some squash.

I still have a lot to learn about gardening, but I am happy with my start and the progress I've made this week. I even got some areas in front of the house weeded today and will be adding some nutrients around some plants out there.