Monday, May 21, 2012


I haven't felt much like posting lately. I've been dealing with some challenging stuff that I just don't feel like sharing. Parenting is certainly bumpy at times!

Gardening is going fine. We *FINALLY* got some rain last night, but today is cool and overcast. We will be back in the 90s in a few days and my plants will be happy. We might not be as happy with camping in that weather, but it should prove to be a relaxing weekend. I'm going to need to get my oldest to water for me when we are gone. Not sure if he's willing to weed for me. LOL!

Last night a very unusual thing happened to us. Around 11pm someone was ringing our doorbell like crazy. The dog started barking which woke my middle child, but the youngest remained asleep. There was a teenaged girl at the front door asking for help. I thought my oldest might have known her, but he didn't. We were worried that she might have been assaulted so we opened our door. She came in right away and asked us to pray for her because she was drunk & high. She was wet (raining), shivering, and very disoriented. She told us her name and her address. My husband & oldest walked her home around the corner. A few minutes after they left some girls (that I saw earlier) came looking for her. I just talked to them via our bedroom window. They didn't seem strung out at all and apologized for bugging us. I think they were worried they got their friend in trouble. The girl's mother was very surprised by her condition when they got her home. She said something about her dad being out looking for her and that he was going to go off on her when he got home. My hubby said that she's been through enough and the woman agreed that they should deal with it in the morning. I get the impression that this might have been the first time that this girl had done something like this, but I really don't know. I hope that she's OK.

We had a hard time settling down and falling asleep. While we know we did the right thing by helping the girl home, we were glad that it wasn't something fishy with it. Such as her acting to get us to open our door and then people coming in to hurt or rob us or something. I feel like we live in a safe area of a safe community, but crime is up around the nation and it gets you wondering. I want to stress to my boys that it's not OK to open the door to strangers, yet we did open the door for this girl. We were able to have a discussion with them about drinking & drugs. My computer is right by a window in the front of our house. I am going to keep a close eye out on neighborhood happenings. We have a few retirees on our street as well as another at home mom. We all keep an eye out for each other. How would you have handled this? The girl wasn't about to stop ringing the door. In fact, when my hubby & son dropped her home she rang her door incessantly until her mom came to the door.

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  1. Sorry to hear that you are having a rough time. We all go through it, believe me. Parenting is not for the faint of heart. :) ((Hugs))

    I would have called the police instead of opening the door. You don't know what's up with anyone anymore. I don't answer our door if I don't know the person--it's just too weird these days--and we live in a "safe" area too. You just never know.

    I try to tell my elderly mom not to answer the door either. She thinks it's "rude", but that is what the scammers count on.

    You did what was best, but you need not worry about her anymore. Her family is going through their own tough time, right? ;) Best to back out and let them figure it out.

    Glad you are safe after that! That must have been very scary.

  2. That can be such a difficult decision to make. Your gut told you to open the door but your head when mental about it later explaining all that could have happened. I would like to think that if it was my child knocking (or ringing) on someones door that they end up getting someone like you who was prepared to assist them. But like you said the nasty ones play on the fact that people will use they gut instinct to open the door and assist and then get stung.


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