Monday, May 7, 2012

Catch-Up & Ramble

I was around this weekend, but didn't take the time out to blog. I am guessing no one missed my app of the week review.

Friday was my daughter's turn for snack at school. We searched the internet for some ideas on hands-on snack and came across fruit pizza. We decided to individualize it and make pizza cookies. I got cheap-y oatmeal cookies aka crust, icing that I added red food coloring to (it turned out more pink than red) aka tomato sauce, coconut aka cheese, and M&Ms aka toppings. I spread the sauce on the crust and put it on a little paper plate with the cheese & toppings on the side. The kids had a great time creating their pizzas and everyone wanted me to take a photo of their creation. I didn't think the kids would eat the coconut, but they all put on the cheese and gobbled it up!

We went to a few garage sales this weekend. We picked up a few odds & ends for our trailer. I spent about $5 total, but got 2 items that don't work. WHY DO PEOPLE SELL BROKEN CRAP? I only paid a quarter for an alarm clock for my daughter, but it doesn't keep proper time! I also got a coffee grinder for a buck that doesn't work at all. What gives people? You're so desperate for a little change that you sell crap?! The people selling this lived in nice neighborhoods!! Take a moment and test our your junk before you try selling it. Then disclose that information!!

I've really slowed down with making bentos. My daughter is having school lunch (pizza) on Friday. The rest of the time the lunches I make are boring. My daughter made her own sandwich this morning. What she calls a softy meat & cheese.
5/7: Softy Sandwich- meat & cheese sandwich, strawberries, carrots.
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