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Weekend Recap

Monday, April 30, 2012

We had a very eventful 3-day weekend. The kids were out of school on Friday and DH took the day off. We went down to Champaign and participated in the Illinois Marathon 5K on Friday evening. It was pretty chilly at the start, but we warmed up quickly and had a great time. I love this family picture! A new favorite.
I am still getting used to the new norm for our family...which is doing things as a family of 4. The oldest (college-aged) is just not interested in being with us much. It's his age, so we don't take it personally...but it does still feel like something is missing. He did venture out to the sidelines of the 5K (which weaved through campus) with friends but he totally missed us. I was happy to finish in under 1 hour. My son did a GREAT job and we will be encouraging him to do cross-country at school next year.

After the race, we headed out camping. Here we are set up!
You can see our friend's trailer behind us. Since it was so cold, there were not many people out at the campground. We spent a lot of time around the fire and in our friend's trailer playing canasta. I was the big loser in our singles & doubles matches. It is always fun to camp with friends!! It was down in the low-40s at night, so we ran our furnace. My daughter & I were snuggled under a down comforter and the guys were in sleeping bags with an extra blanket and everyone stayed warm. It was fun to get away and relax! We took our dog with us and he did great! Our next outing is Memorial Day weekend and we don't think he will fair as well. He does tend to bark when trucks & animals go by and there will be a lot of those for the big holiday weekend. The oldest will be home, so we might just leave the dog home.
Today's bento was inspired by our weekend of camping. It's my attempt of creating a pop-up trailer.
4/30: Pop-up Trailer- PB sandwich trailer shell, PB tortilla canvas, tortilla wheels & food pick hitch, toothpick supports, chow mien noodle ground, peas, strawberries
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