Diana Rambles: We got a pop-up!

Friday, April 6, 2012

We got a pop-up!

We found a pop-up that got listed on Indy CraigsList and pounced on it immediately. We feel like we got a really good deal (we've seen the same year/model for sale elsewhere in the country for a lot more!) and are happy with our purchase. We did want a large one, but now that it's in our driveway we realize it's HUGE! It looks like it will fit in the garage with just centimeters to spare! It's a 2000 Coleman Westlake Pop-Up. The inside looks like it's barely been used. It still has plastic on the mattresses. Seems as if it's been stored outside because there are some worn spots that needs some attention. A lot of people have told me 'we had a pop-up when I was a kid and I have the best memories...'. We think that our kiddos (the oldest is not interested with going with us) will have lots of fun and a lifetime of great memories! We are now having more seasonal temps, so even though it has a heater...it will be a few weeks before we use it.