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RVs & Bentos

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

No, those 2 don't go together. I am just posting both!

As many of you know, our family went to Alaska in 2010 in celebration of our 20th wedding anniversary. Trip blog here. We sold the motorhome that we bought for the trip right after we got home. No regrets...it served it purpose and was too big to keep! We were so done with it and thought our RV days were over for a while. Well, apparently they are not. DH has been asking for us to start camping again. I see a few problems with this~ 1. I am NOT sleeping on the ground! (Air mattress doesn't cut it!) and 2. We got rid of all our camping stuff YEARS ago. #2 isn't really a big problem because close friends of ours (that we used to camp with a lot) didn't get rid of theirs and they said it's OK to use whatever we want. But that doesn't take care of #1. (I'll get back to this...)
Leaving for Alaska, June 2010
We started discussing summer vacations a few weeks ago and came up with 3 ideas~ circle Lake Michigan, Colorado, and Smokey Mountains. We've been leaning heavily toward the 3rd and started exploring our options. Hotel/cabin run anywhere from $150-$200 per night. So we thought we'd save money by camping...which brings us back to #1. We started discussing the possibility of getting a pop-up trailer. We owned one about 15 years ago and enjoyed using it. When you do the math, it make sense! It's $15-$28 per night for camp ground fees. That $135-175 per night savings goes a long way toward a used RV! Plus we can keep it and use for years to come. Nice thing about a pop-up is that it will fit in the garage, so no storage fees or keeping it 3 hours away in grandpa's barn. We've been scouring CraigsList & eBay and have decided the features/size that is important for us. We've had a few that we thought were THE ONE, but they either lacked an A/C or a 3-way fridge. There is one on eBay that ends in a few hours that is well within our budget that I love...but no A/C! Bummer! There is one a little over 3 hours away that has all the features, but we cannot go until Friday. They are showing it tonight. We hope it doesn't sell before Friday!
Wyoming, August 1997

Now onto the bentos!
 4/2: Boring- Shells & cheese, strawberries, carrots & dip.
4/3: Bunny- Strawberry bunny sandwich, peas, strawberries
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