Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Busy, Busy, Distracted

WOW! I am *LOVING* this early spring, High 70s in March in Illinois? It's awesome! We went over to a friend's for a BBQ last night. Amazing! The forecast looks like it's going to hold, which will be great for our girl's weekend in St. Louis and my son's school trip to Washington DC next week. Hubby is going with as a chaperone.

With the warm weather I am more active. We are doing a 5K at the end of April (hubby & son will run/walk and my daughter & I will walk with my sister) so I've been stepping up on walking around here. I need to track down one of the many cheap little steppers we have around the house and keep track of how many steps I am taking. My other activity is converting our perennial bed out front into a vegetable garden. Our plot is 9x13, which is a big size for a first garden. I cleaned out-dug up about 1/6th of it over the weekend. I didn't want to be sore, so I only did a little bit. I got a little advice from a friend who stopped by on Saturday on what/where to plant things. She said cucumbers are really easy. My daughter said she doesn't like cucumbers, but she loves pickles. I think she will be proud to eat anything we grow, but we might look into pickling. I do not want to worry/learn about canning, so I am going to stagger my green beans. If I do end up with more than we can eat I will share with friends or donate to the food pantry. Prepping the bed will be hard work (especially as it's up against the house and there are lines running underneath so we cannot till), but the biggest challenge will be keeping the bunnies out!

I am very distracted from my computer with my new Iphone. I am learning more and more, but there is so much more to figure out. I've downloaded a handful of apps, but want to get more. Any recommendations? I like to play Words with Friends & Scramble with Friends so leave a comment if you want to play against me and I'll send you an invite. I just got Draw Something, but I haven't played it yet.

Speaking of phone, I took a pic of today's bento with it. Hubby is taking the phone with him to DC to take photos. We opted for the phone instead of a new camera.
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