Friday, January 13, 2012

It's Girl Scout Cookie Time Bento

Today is the launch of Girl Scout Cookie Sales in our area. My daughter is a first time Daisy Scout and is very excited to sell. She set a goal to sell 48 boxes. Of course I had to make a Girl Scout Cookie Bento of the 8 varieties she is selling. I can take online payment in case anyone wants to purchase for military troops, in which GS-USA delivers the cookies purchased directly to the troops. Sorry, I won't be able to take orders and ship.
Here is a list of the cookies we are selling (I'm a registered Girl Scout too!) and how I created them.
Thin Mints (Ritz Cracker dipped in chocolate)
Caramel deLites (Peanut butter between 2 circles of whole wheat. When I pulled one side of the bread off the part that remained looked like caramel, and then I put chocolate stripes on it.)
Peanut Butter Patties (2 Ritz Crackers dipped in choc and stuck together)
Peanut Butter Sandwich (peanut butter on wheat)
Shortbread (tortilla)
Lemonades (yellow egg sheet)
Shout Outs! (flattened wheat bread)
Thanks-A-Lot (tortilla w/ choc frosting on one side)
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  1. This is so cool! U are very creative! All the best to ur gal, hope she achieves her goal! :)

  2. Thanks! A few hours in and we are at 19 boxes!

  3. Haha this is ADORABLE!

    Now i'm craving Thin Mints (my fave) - i love to stick them in the freezer and then eat them *mmmmmm*

  4. I love girl scout cookies! You did a great job replicating them with alternate materials.

  5. Wow! That is so creative. Great job!

  6. You never cease to amaze me!

  7. My daughter is a daisy scout also and were selling these same ones (although ours doesnt start till the 21st). Great job!

  8. SOOOOO creative! An now I am left having a MAD craving for some Caramel Delites and PB Patties! hehehe

  9. I love Girl Scout cookie time! Although the Girl Scouts around here haven't been out selling yet.


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