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Rapunzel Tangled Birthday Party

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

rapunzel tangled party ideas
My daughter's birthday party was a few weeks ago. Her birthday seemed to sneak up on us which had me scrambling. I started the planning on a Tuesday for the party 4 days later. She wanted a Tangled Party and I didn't want to disappoint! Party planning wasn't difficult, just time consuming. I got most of the ideas for the party from this website.

First I created the invitation and emailed it out. Email me if you would like to get your own personalized invitation.
rapunzel tangled party invitation tangled birthday gift bag

tangled birthday gift bags
tangled birthday gift bags
tangled rapunzel gift bag
tangled rapunzel gift bags
We printed and laminated these bookmarks. Dori cut them ALL out, including enough for everyone in her class at school. We had the party guests string yarn through for Rapunzel hair, but Dori did the hair for her class bookmarks.
tangled rapunzel bookmark disney
Here she is cutting out her own Tangled Crown.
tangled rapunzel party printable
We also made luggage tags for each party guest.
tangled rapunzel gift tags
The cake was a combination of a Rapunzel Tangled Tower and Pascal (chameleon) Cupcakes. Here are some of the supplies.
tangled tower cake ingredients
My hubby made a base out of a block of wood with a dowel stuck in it. I took an 8" round cake and pushed it down the dowel for the base and covered it with green frosting for the grass. Then I stacked Pecan Rolls back to back and topped them with 2 cupcakes.
tangled tower cake directions
Then I decorated the tower with green icing vines and topped it with a waffle cone which had been iced with purple frosting. Rapunzel's hair flowed out and around the cake. It survived the car ride on my lap to the party location (mall).
tangled tower cake birthday
The cake was displayed at the party surrounded by the Pascal Cupcakes.
tangled tower cake birthday
Party activities included drawing Eugene's nose on his wanted poster. The boys got a kick out of being really silly with this.
tangled rapunzel birthday coloring
We also made Pascal Party Blowers. Supplies for this were purchase at Dollar Tree. Only $2 total for 8 blowers.
pascal tangled blowers craft
Here was the table where the kids made the blowers & put the hair on their bookmarks.
tangles arts and crafts
Here is Dori blowing her Pascal Blower.
rapunzel party fun ideas
Here is the Birthday girl and her Tower Cake & Pascal Cupcakes! I love how the sun was streaming in the windows and made it look like her crown was sparkling.
tangled rapunzel birthday party
As you can see the party was a success! My daughter felt special and had a great time.

Here are the Pascal cupcakes I took into school to celebrate her birthday a few days later. She passed out bookmarks to all her classmates and read a Tangled book to the entire class too.
pascal birthday cupcake homemade
We teach our children to be mindful of others, especially those in need. So we asked the party guests to bring mittens/gloves & hats to donate to local children in need. Here is a pic of my daughter after she decorated the Mitten Tree with her party donations.
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