Tuesday, December 20, 2011

No New Bentos!

I am sick! Some kind of upper respiratory thing...not sure. I'm not sleep very well at night, but I am not feeling too bad. As of last night I am done with fall activities, cards & packages are all in the mail, and outside of food, all is bought & wrapped for Christmas. Today is the last day of school before winter break for the kiddos. So now I have the time to be sick. LOL!

We've also been battling LICE again. UGH! My daughter first got it in May and then it came back in July. I think that she might have spread it to the neighbor kids and then they sent it back over here. But this infestation that I found last Thursday seemed to come out of no where. No one else in her class has had it, so we cannot figure out the source. That really doesn't matter cause I am on the assault! My attack includes olive oil soaked on the head for a few hours, several comb-throughs with a metal nit comb, tea tree oil added to our shampoo, everything washed & dried on hot settings, vacuuming, and the stuff that can't go through the dryer are out in the garage for a while. We've had no lice or nits since Friday, but my attack hasn't softened. I did keep Dori home on Friday & Monday, but she was happy to return to school today as it's pajama day! I was supposed to run the class party this afternoon but the teacher is going to cover it since I am sick. With the kid having the next 2 weeks off I will probably relax my assault a little bit, but the nit check with go on every other day. We will probably continue to use the tea tree shampoo and blow dry hair from now on. I am so thankful for a good washer & dryer in our home in times like these!

I had a few good ideas for a bento today, but I just told my daughter to have school lunch. She was happy about that. I am not even sure what was on the menu for school today. OK...just looked it up and it's spaghetti. She should do a good job of eating that. Not sure if I will make bentos over break or not. I would suspect that some muffin tin bentos might happen.

I still have a few blog posts to catch up on. I need to do our Christmas party post. I have a few great recipes from that to share. I also have a craft project to post. And I have a giveaway starting next Monday that I have to prepare. We have NO plans on tap over the next 2 weeks so I should be able to catch up. My hubby started a new position last Monday (within the same company...just a different department/location) and he gets all of next week off, so it will be laziness around here with EVERYONE on break! Fine by me!!