Friday, December 23, 2011

Hair Clippie Holder Craft

I lead my daughter's girl scout troop and I organized a Christmas party for our meeting this month. I assigned each girl a secret pal and they were supposed to make a craft for their buddy. My daughter recently discovered the hot glue gun so she wanted to make some kind of craft with it. She thought of gluing gems on a piece of wood. My hubby cut a small piece from a scrap he had. My daughter sanded it and then painted it black. I outlined an M on it for her as she had a girl named Maddie. When that dried she went to work with the hot glue gun. She is very meticulous and careful and didn't get burned at all. Here she is in action.
When she was done with the M we decided to add a ribbon to hang it and then we added 2 hanging ribbons so her friend could hang her hair clippies on it. We glued the ribbons on and then I reinforced them with a staple gun.
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