Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Party Recipes

Our annual Christmas party was 2 weeks ago and we had a great time. We had 50+ people including a handful of my son's college friends. They even participated in the White Elephant gift exchange. We have people bring a snack/appetizer to share. I enjoy making new recipes for the party and we always end up with leftovers, so next year I am going to make bringing food optional. We usually have the party on the 2nd Friday in December, but we moved it to Saturday due to a conflict with my younger son's participation in a play. We got lots of positive feedback from our friends, so I think we will have the party on the 2nd Saturday from now on.

I wanted to post the various recipes I made, but I realize I didn't take many photos. I will do my best with what I do have.

Oreo Stuffed Brownies

Brownie Mix
Package of Oreos

This is super easy to make! Mix your brownie mix according to the directions on the box. Dip an oreo in the batter until it's covered and then place into a (regular sized) muffin tin sprayed with cooking spray. There are 30 cookies in a standard package of oreos, which works out perfectly with the batter. Bake at 350 degrees for 12-14 minutes. Let the tin cool for a few minutes before removing. I find this recipe here.
Peppermint Chocolate Crinkles

Chocolate Crinkles- I used this boxed mix by Krusteaz. I found it at Aldi for the price it would have cost for all of the ingredients. I love Krusteaz brand, so this was a no brainer. I prepared the cookies according to the directions and when they came out of the oven I put a Candy Cane flavored Hershey Kiss on top of each cookie. Then I put the cookie sheet in the refrigerator so that the kisses would hold their shape. Not only did they look good, they tasted divine! The box came with 3 pouches of mix and I made another last week and added peppermint extract and crushed peppermint candies on top. They weren't very good! Stick with the Kisses!

Graham Crackers
Hershey Chocolate Bars
Almond Bark
Fruit Roll-Ups

This was fun to put together and my daughter did much of the assembly. The melted part of the snowman is made with melted almond bark. I carelessly added icing for the facial details so they looked melted also. I used a pizza cutter to cut strips from the Fruit Roll-Ups to be the scarves. The only thing I would do different is use more almond bark (even some under the chocolate) to hold it all together better. These were a hit!

Santa Party Mix

Red Candy Melts
White Sprinkles
Mini Marshmallows
Chex Cereal
Dry Roasted Peanuts
Christmas M&Ms
White Chocolate Chips

I wish I had gotten better photos of this. It was FUN to make and WOW was it GOOD! Melt the red candy melts according to the directions. Dip the Bugels in the melt and have them dry on wax paper (I used a silicone liner). When those are dry go through and dip each wide end of the Bugel in the melt again (you might have to remelt the candy) and then dip in white sprinkles or nonpareils. Then go back and dip the other end in the melt and top with a mini marshmallow to make adorable little Santa hats.
Melt the white chocolate chips (30 minute intervals on 50% power, stirring in between) and pour over the
Pretzels, Craisins, Chex Cereal, and Dry Roasted Peanuts and mix on a lined cookie sheet. When those are dry break apart and put in a bowl, mixing in the M&Ms and the Santa hats. I find this recipe here.
Party Punch

Container of Raspberry Sherbert
Pink Lemonade Frozen Concentrate
Lemon-Lime Soda
Citrus Slices

This punch was very yummy. I took the sherbert and scooped it out on a cookie sheet and re-froze it. This hardens the sherbert up quite a bit so that it will melt slowly when put in the punch. I made the pink lemonade concentrate with about 1/2 the water stated in the directions in the bottom of the punch bowl. I added the sherbert and then the soda. Finally top with the fruit slices. Isn't it pretty?! I find this recipe here.
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