Monday, November 21, 2011

Magic Dolphin Bento

Recently when my daughter was having a hard time falling asleep one of her big brothers told her to think of the 'Magic Dolphin'. He told her that Magic Dolphin took away bad dreams and replaced them with happy thoughts. It seemed to work for her when she was having a hard time the other night. She & I just chanted 'Magic Dolphin' together over and over until she fell asleep. I asked my son what the magic dolphin was and he said he just made it up. Clever boy! I think I'll buy her a stuffed animal dolphin for her birthday!

Since Magic Dolphin is a hero around here, I decided to make a Magic Dolphin bento today.
11/21: Magic Dolphin- White egg sheet dolphin (brushed with blue food coloring), mac & cheese, peas, apples, and MAGIC DOLPHIN cut out of Sour Punch Candy. I laid the letters on Fruit by the Foot so that they didn't move around during transport.
Bento of the Week