Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Egg Sheet Onigiri Bento

This Friday's theme for Bento of the Week is egg sheets. I've wanted to try egg sheets but I was worried that it was difficult. DH is an expert at making breakfast so I asked for his help in making the egg sheet. We followed this tutorial step by step and and it worked! I think that we will be making lots of egg sheets in the future. I wanted blue egg sheet but when we added blue food coloring to the egg (yellow) it made greenish-blue. I guess we will just need to use egg whites for certain colors. We ended up putting a few drops of black food coloring into the mixture so that I could use it as a substitute for nori. Our daughter tasted the egg sheet right away and said she LOVED IT! Bonus!

Here is our egg sheet cooking. Next time we will let the egg mixture sit a little bit before we strain it so there are no bubbles, although the sheet was still usable with the bubbles.
Here is the finished product. Kind of looks like a burnt tortilla. LOL!
Here is the first bento I made with it. Egg Sheet Onigiri ends up meeting this week's and next week's themes for Bento of the Week.
11/16: Egg Sheet Onigiri- Onigiri  w/ rice & black egg sheet topped w/ candy eyes & mouth, apple, edamame, cheese, sausage, bits of egg sheet
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