Sunday, October 23, 2011

Lin & Joe with Diana

Yesterday was the big Illinois Band High School Band Festival. We went down to watch the Illini perform and I got to meet up with Lin (Duck & Wheel with String see previous post) and her hubby. We had some good laughs!
We also enjoyed watching the Marching Illini perform. The drumline & sousaphone line did a special performance. It was neat to be so close. I recorded this performance with the camera, but it came out all blurry. Darn!
When they marched off they decided to do an encore and I got to get some close shots of my son.
He was so excited afterward telling me that the crowd really LOVED them. MI has always gotten a HUGE crowd response, but it must really be cool to be on the field with fans who dream of being in your position cheering you on.