Friday, October 21, 2011

Lin Bento

This weekend is the big Illinois High School Marching Band Festival down in Champaign. 2 years ago at this festival I had the privilege of meeting Lin of the Duck & Wheel with String blog. Lin & I had already connected online as I designed her blog. We didn't meet up last year as my son's high school did not attend the festival. We will be heading down to Champaign tomorrow evening to see the Marching Illini perform at the end of the festival, which will mean I get to meet up with Lin again! In honor of this special occasion, I present the Lin Bento.
10/21: Lin- PB&J Sammich decorated with tortilla duck & wagon wheel with string of spaghetti, sausage & cheese, pickle w/ Lin on it, FAT CAT Hobbes out of a Clementine, edamame, and something depicting Lin would not be complete without NUTS! Pics of our meet-up posted on Sunday!

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