Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Bento

10/31: Happy Halloween- black cat (tortilla) w/ turkey & cheese sammich, Babybel Jack-0-Lantern, peas, apple, (hard boiled) Eggies ghost, pumpkin muffin spider w/ pretzel legs & candy eyes, fly gummy. My daughter isn't into creepy or scary at all, so I kept today's bento pretty simple. In fact, she asked me to take the fly gummy out. If you are wondering...YES...Eggies work! We just got them the other day at Bed, Bath, & Beyond using a coupon. You have to follow the directions carefully, but they do work. We considered a 2nd set, but we would need to get a bigger pan so 1 set is fine for now.

Don't forget to link up your Halloween bento to the meme at BBN. Entries taken through Tuesday.

BOTW: Halloween

I also made some Halloween cookies today. Halloween shaped cookies (pumpkin, skull, ghost, witch, cat) covered with black icing and sprinkles.