Thursday, October 6, 2011

Falling Off the Wagon

I have not been doing a good job of sticking with my low-carb diet lately. I've been HORRIBLE on game days because we have fresh kettle corn and then to go Steak-n-Shake with friends after each game. 5 home games in a row, but other naughtiness and I am putting on weight. I've been aware of it but have finally decided it needs to stop. So how do I get motivated to stick to low-carb when it's pumpkin season and the holidays are coming up? I decide to start a naughty notebook.
I am going to write down all the carb-a-licous things I consume. Knowing that I am writing them all down will make me think twice before chowing down. I'll probably be writing a lot down on game days (yup...I will tote my notebook with me!), but I want to stay low-carb other days! 

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