Saturday, September 17, 2011

Time to go!!

Super excited about tonight's game. It's a GORGEOUS day in Illinois and the game down in Champaign tonight should be no exception. My childhood team is playing our current team. The point spread is too close to call, which should make for a GREAT game. I'm wearing my ASU hat with my Marching Illini shirt. The Marching Illini play the visiting team's fight song, which I will stand up and clap for (and hopefully not get boo'!) It will remind me of all the fun we had at the 1987 Rose Bowl (where newcomers ASU beat Michigan) and games growing up. Bummed that my dad's & uncle's (who graduated from Illinois in 1948) health is not good enough to travel to the game, but hopefully they will be watching the game on TV in AZ. It will be SUPER late by the time we get home, but it will be FUN!!!!