Monday, September 19, 2011

Simple Kitty Bento

I had bigger plans for today's bento, but it was cool & overcast this morning and my daughter didn't want to get out of bed after our very busy weekend! I had to use my time to get her up and dressed!
9/19: Kitty Cat- Kitty PB&J sammich (decorated with bologna & nori), cantaloupe w/ kitty pick, edamame, & yogurt raisins (in container)
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  1. I accidentally ran across this whole Bento thing just a few days ago. Have a couple of newbie questions.

    For starters, do you REALLY put bologna on a PB&J sandwich? (Granted, I'm pregnant, but that doesn't sound delicious with even a cast iron stomach.)

    Secondly, I made my first Bento-esque lunch for my 4-year-old today. He came home from preschool telling me he ate his sandwich, but threw the rest of his food in the trash because it touches each other and makes it yukky. Did I miss something important here?

    Your lunches are adorable. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Emily~ Those are great questions! My daughter picks the bologna (which was just the pink on the ears & nose off) & the nori (seaweed wrap you find on susi) off of whatever it's on and just eats the sandwich. I will often have those things stuck to the bread with a little peanut butter, but they easily come off. In fact, sometimes her lunch is a jumbled mess (the sandwich is in tact, but the decor isn't) by lunch time. I've started putting crinkled up seran wrap to hep hold things in place.

    As far as food touching, there are 2 things you can do~ use dividers (called baran in Japan), which are usually plastic...some are silicone, but a lot of them are thinner OR get food cups like silicone muffin cups or other shaped ones. I've not done much of this, but my foods haven't been too messy so far. I see people use green leaf lettuce too.

    Hope this helps!!

  3. super cute for a quick morning! i've definetly had my share of those with my little miss too!! :)


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