Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Great Bento Day!

This morning started out with a Duck & Berry Bento for my daughter.
Strawberry jam on wheat sammich w/ American cheese ducks, strawberries, edamame, almonds, strawberry yogurt raisins, + strawberry yogurt drink (not pictured)

Then I went to the PO and picked up 2 packages that arrived from Japan via Ebay. Look at all this awesome stuff! I plan on selling off duplicate picks, as I only need one of each type! I have 2 containers to sell too!
Then I spend some time this afternoon cleaning out a cabinet in our kitchen to store all our bento supplies. They've been cluttering up the counter and now they have a home...including the lunch boxes. I also cleaned out a cabinet in our dining room to store the baking supplies that used to be in the kitchen cabinet. There is room at the bottom of the cabinet for some craft supplies for my daughter. She always seems to have stuff spread out on the table and counter. I now have my (paper) scrapbook supplies out on my counter to be shifted to a closet downstairs. They are heavy so I will have to get help from DH this evening. I've got some small piles on the dining room table to organize, but overall I am very happy with what I accomplished!