Friday, September 30, 2011

Bento Prodigy

Last night my daughter BEGGED me to let her make her own bento lunch for today. I usually do something special on Fridays, but I was a little stressed out last night so I was all for her making her lunch. I got the ingredients out for her and helped put peanut butter on the bread, but she did the jelly on the other piece of bread and everything else. Seriously! She's 5 and she did a darned good job!
9/30: Dori's Bento- Butterfly PB&J, edamame, pieces of cheese, yogurt raisins in yellow striped container, blueberries in chick container, red rice flower, koala cookies. She used edible markers to decorate the butterfly, cheese, & flower and adorned the bento with a mini bow & plastic flower.
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I had planned an Illini Homecoming themed bento, but I will be making I sugar cookies today instead.

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