Friday, September 16, 2011

ASU vs. UI Bento

I try to do a special bento on Fridays that usually requires more prep. Today's bento was inspired by my childhood football team (Arizona State) here in IL to play University of Illinois tomorrow. I printed out mini banners that were attached to toothpicks and covered with packing tape. Football shaped jam sammich is surrounded by strawberries & edamame decorated with carrot notes + colorful music picks. The music notes represent my son who is a member of the Marching Illini, which is why we go to the games!
I will be wearing my ASU hat along with my Marching Illini mom shirt. Seems like divided loyalty, but I'll be rooting for the band. LOL! I actually think that ASU is going to win, but am hopeful that Illinois pulls off an upset!

I have decided to have a bento supply giveaway soon. I just need to get the blog redesigned first. Busy weekend ahead, so I am unsure WHEN I'll get those together!
Update: Giveaway posted here!