Thursday, September 22, 2011

Apple Orchard Field Trip Bento

Today I chaperoned my daughter's class trip to the local apple orchard. We had to back a lunch for both of us, so I filled our new Lock & Lock boxes with various apple themed items.

9/22: Apple Orchard-Box 1: carrots w/ apple pick, hard boiled eggs (regular half'd & quail...were supposed to be dyed green to be green apples, but they turned out blue so I put the cheese apple on top), apple sammiches (pnut btter, raisins, choc chips) Box 2: salad w/ tomatoes cut to be apples w/ almond stem & pick leaves Box 3: fruit snack, PB&J sammich w/ cheese apple (Provolone colored w/ food coloring), edamame, Babybel apple, and cantaloupe w/ apple pick

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