Monday, August 29, 2011

TracFone Rant

We've been long time customers of TracFone. We got our first phone from them about 8 years ago. Whenever we've had an issue with them we've always been able to get it resolved when we called their custom service line until now. We recently tried to reactivate a phone we hadn't used in a while. When I followed the steps online to reactivate I was instructed to call their customer service line. I never talked to an actual person but was told that I needed to buy an airtime card. I've always purchased my airtime cards online, but this time I had to go to the store. So a few days later I call back TracFone. This time I got a cs rep and was told that I needed a new sims card for the phone. I asked this person if we will get to keep the minutes we already had on the phone and they said they would get transferred over when the new sims card is activated. We did not get the minutes when it was activated so I filled out a contact form via the TracFone site. The response was that I needed to contact their customer service department so that they can help fix the problem.

My hubby called them today and spoke to 3 different people who said that we weren't going to get those minutes because they were too old and that they were on the old sims card. This is BS! What is the point of a prepaid phone if the minutes expire? We paid for them so we should get to keep them! That phone is supposed to have double minutes for life. I did get double the minutes on the 60 minute airtime card that I activated, but I lost the old minutes.TracFone seems convenient to have for people who don't want/need a phone contract, but after our airtime runs out we are ditching them and switching over to another prepaid (but not BOOST!!!!)
Buyer beware and stay away from TracFone!! No Bills No Contracts No Surprises You're In Control is their slogan. NOT TRUE!

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  1. Yeah, we ended up ditching those phones for a contract. But it ends up being relatively cheap with the free texting and such. Now that I've got a kid far away--it pays for itself. We have 4 phones with unlimited texing and 750 minutes(which we never use) for 109.00. That may be high to you, but for us it was almost as high for the pay-as-you-go with texting.


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