Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The final countdown...

School starts tomorrow and I am panicking on the bento front. I realize that my daughter's lunch box is going to get moved around a lot (they store them in a basket which is carried by 2 students to the lunchroom) which means the bento needs to be packed firm or the cuteness will get all messed up. I did a trial run with her new bento box set from Japan today, but you can see that the puppies will fall apart if I try this for school. Some cute ideas just won't work well on the go.

This lunch consisted of 2 mini heart doggie sammiches (turkey & ketchup with cheese ears & eyes- edible marker for the eyeball and M&M nose), edamame on a heart pick, cheese heart, some mixed nuts & raisins, grapes, and strawberry yogurt covered raisins (in green container) for dessert. Drink was 2 strawberry yogurt drinks picked up at the local Asian market.

I have 3 more small packages of bento supplies due to arrive later this week~ a nori punch, some food picks, and a box of stuff my sister picked up from Ichiban Kan.

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  1. Do you think the puppy face might stay intact if you put a layer of waxed paper or foil over it, then some crumpled tissue paper? It might be like unwrapping a lunch present for her...

  2. I'll be thinking of you both tomorrow. Is there some sort of magic bento glue that will keep it all together? Cute lunch!

  3. If you haven't already been doing this - glue the eyes and nose down with peanut butter if you are allowed. Also pack a bit tighter around the sandwich and everything should stay put. Maybe do 2 layers instead of 3 next time. it's cute!

  4. Today's was packed tighter (with 3 layers), but the pnut bttr is a great idea! They have a pnut free table, so I can send her with it!


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