Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The final countdown...

School starts tomorrow and I am panicking on the bento front. I realize that my daughter's lunch box is going to get moved around a lot (they store them in a basket which is carried by 2 students to the lunchroom) which means the bento needs to be packed firm or the cuteness will get all messed up. I did a trial run with her new bento box set from Japan today, but you can see that the puppies will fall apart if I try this for school. Some cute ideas just won't work well on the go.

This lunch consisted of 2 mini heart doggie sammiches (turkey & ketchup with cheese ears & eyes- edible marker for the eyeball and M&M nose), edamame on a heart pick, cheese heart, some mixed nuts & raisins, grapes, and strawberry yogurt covered raisins (in green container) for dessert. Drink was 2 strawberry yogurt drinks picked up at the local Asian market.

I have 3 more small packages of bento supplies due to arrive later this week~ a nori punch, some food picks, and a box of stuff my sister picked up from Ichiban Kan.