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Cheap College Textbooks

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I am frugal...always have been...always will be. I hate to pay more than I have to for anything. I take the time to carefully research my best buy on things. The fall semester starts soon so when I went looking for the best bargains on college textbooks (for the books we couldn't find on CraigsList) I came across CampusBookRentals.com. My hubby used Chegg for all his master classes, but Chegg was higher than Campus Book Rentals for the books my son needs for his classes. Shipping is free both ways. When it's time to send the book back you go to their website and click the ship back link and print the label. I'm just going to save the box/envelope they send the books in to return them. I spend $93 for two textbooks and then $65 for a Calculus bundle off CraigsList, so the semester worth of books was $158! He can use the Calc bundle spring semester too! I love being frugal!

If you need college textbooks you should check out Campus Book Rentals. Click here to recieve 5% off your order. This is NOT a paid post! I do get a $5 referral and you get 5% off your order!!


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