Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bento Supplies

I am so excited about all the great bento supplies my sister picked up for us at Ichiban Kan in the Bay Area. Their prices are so reasonable. She got ALL the following for $30!
If you are anywhere near the Bay Area or have a friend there...have them shop for you. The store workers said that a lady comes in there and buys up all the bento supplies from time to time and then sells them online. Here is what I paid~ $1.50 per pair of hard boiled egg molds, $1.50 for the metal veggie cutters, $1.50 each for the sets of sauce containers (animals and round colors), $1-$2 per everything else, except for the food picks which were $3.50 per set. My sister had no idea what bentos were so she did a great job of purchasing a variety of supplies. She's going back next week to purchase more to send to us. No way am I going to pay that person to charges a premium online!

I've been so busy since I got the bento supplies that I haven't been doing much more than sticking picks into food and testing out the hard boiled egg molds. It seems as if extra large eggs work best for the molds. This week I am watching 3 kids and I just haven't wanted to take the time to do bento x 4. Here is a bento that I made before we got our supplies.

Undersea Bento~
Fish shaped turkey sammich with mustard eye
Blueberry bubbles coming out of the fish's mouth
Strawberries on the half-shell
Sea Cucumber (pickle)
Giant Squid (string cheese with ketchup eye)

Bento Lunch