Friday, August 26, 2011

All is quiet...

Days are quiet around here anymore. It's different, but I've been OK with it. I find myself putting Pandora on for a little noise. Our dog sticks close to me, but he's quiet too.

I thought my daughter starting Kindergarten would be harder than it's been on me. I've focused my attention on making her bento lunches and helping out at lunchtime at her school. Those little Kindergarten fingers struggle to open milk cartons, dressing packets, and bananas. My daughter loves me coming to help out (she attended a cooperative pre-school so she's used to me being around), but she's still Miss Independent. She's been staying up til nearly 9:30 each night and has been up by 6:30. 9:30 is close to normal for her, but she likes to sleep til 8 or so. We'll see if this all catches up with her or not. She's never been one to sleep a lot, so maybe she'll be fine. She also bounces out of the van at drop off and insists that she doesn't need me to walk her in. The car line after school is long, so I park & walk up to pick her up. My 7th grader has just been riding the public bus home. We actually live too close to the school for a (free) bus pass, but until those passes get distributed all the kids can ride the bus for free. He plans on doing several after school activities this year, so I will probably pick him up most days.

Here are Thursday & Friday's bentos.
Pnut Bttr Sammich w/ Multi-Grain Cheerio (curly) hair with a Sour Rainbow Candy Bow (cheese & nori eyes, nori mouth, rosy cheeks are edible marker), grapes, cheese flowers & edamame, with Panda cookies & straw yogurt raisins
Pnut Bttr & Strawberry jam roll ups (bread rolled in strips), carrot stix, ranch dip in green container, cheese butterflies, cut up peaches, & fruit snack in the teddy container.