Monday, July 11, 2011

Hi! I am Diana and I am an internet TV junkie!

I feel like I am making a confession here. It's been a low-key summer. We don't have much going on and I've been a little stressed out about a few things. I haven't been sleeping as well as I usually do and I've been filling the time with my blog design biz and watching TV shows online. HULU & YouTube have become my buddies lately. I've found some full seasons of some reality shows that I've been watching back to back to back. I love it that commercials are cut out by the people who post shows on YouTube! An entire season + no commercials = instant gratification. Gratification if you like the outcome!

I watched America's Next Great Restaurant this weekend. I checked Wiki afterward and found out that the winner's 3 restaurants have already closed, which is a bummer. The show was not renewed either. I found it interesting how people were pitching their ideas and competing.

I've been getting into other cooking shows and have MasterChef marked on my HULU subscription. Whenever a new episode is posted it goes into my queue. I love this feature at HULU~ you can favorite a show and then the new episodes show up. I don't even pay attention to when a show is on TV...I just catch it online! I have several shows marked, including Love in the Wild and Love Bites. I liked the first 2 episodes of Love Bites, but the show has not been good since then!! The winner of the first season of MasterChef recently appeared on this season, but I am still enjoying watching season one on YouTube.

Do you have fancy cable channels or do you catch shows online? What shows do you like?